Q & A with Kate McLeay from Cape South Retreats

Q & A with Kate McLeay from Cape South Retreats - LUXWORKS
Intro from LUX:
I (Keri) first met Kate in a Yoga Class in Napier 10ish years ago, she was the teacher.  It was pretty much automatic that I was hooked to her classes.. I followed her around and then we became greeeeat friends. 
She is also my healer, every time I feel 'out of sorts' and my tools aren't helping and punching like I need / want them to I go straight to her, dive on her healing bed and I walk out every.single.time feeling 'myself' again. 
I have attended her retreats she runs at Cape South and they are mind blowing, from the entry to exit, the smells, the tastes, the movement, the clearing, the cleansing, a sensual experience, walk in one person and leave another.
To say she's magic is an understatement.
Introduce yourself... what is it that occupies your time at the moment - work/pleasure?
Hello - My name is Kate McLeay. Mumma, partner, friend, Aunty, meditator, yogi, star gazer, retreat host and anchored of light. 
Do you have a store / website / social pages that people can get to know you more?
https://www.katemcleay.com - This is me and where you can book in retreats.
Instagram - @mummasoulfood
What is it that makes you content? Do you consciously try to be content or is it something that just happens naturally?
What makes me content is a good question. For many years my sankalpa was to be content whatever life brings.  The Sanskrit  Word for contentment that I carry with me Is santosha. I wrap that around me
Like a blanket. I marinade in the feeling of it.  I have looked for this place through some intense dark nights of the soul .. and now it is a place I know and can return to by choice if I find myself out of here. 
What books / podcasts / playlists do you recommend at the moment and why?
Playlists - mine on Spotify. Rumi quotes.  Current favourite books / hands of light by Barbara Brennan & into the magic shop by James Doty. 
Can you share any tools in your tool belt that you use at the moment that bring you back to your centre?
Living in presence. Gratitude. Yoga. Mantra. Music. Movement. Prayer. Meditation and yoga nidra would be my go tos at the moment. 
What are you excited about at the moment? Anything up and coming you want to share?
I’m excited about the retreats we host at cape south in the Hawkes bay and the people they bring into our lives.  Take a look! 
Have you used LUX Products? If yes, which ones and what do you have to say about them?
I love lux products and I have them all. We use the sprays and share these with our guests. I have the full range of skincare and so does my daughter. High vibing pure love in a bottle. 
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