Intro from LUX:
I was swimming in a hilltop pool in Bingin, Bali years ago when this vibrant hilarious women joined in the pool with me.  Not long after swimming in the pool together with a few bevvies we found out she was Alyson Chapman and she turned on some music of her son in law who turned out to be the famous DJ FISHER.   The pool changed vibe to cranking when she put 'Loosing it' on.
She's a proud mother of all her children and told me all about it each of them and this led to me learning about Cooper.
Professional surfer Cooper Chapman has found his purpose in life, helping raise awareness about suicide and its impact. He's from Australia and is doing AMAZING things!  Definitely check out his podcast in the social handles below. A young cool guy that is really changing the way we all look at Mental Health.  A super inspiration!
Introduce yourself... what is it that occupies your time at the moment - work/pleasure?
My names Cooper Chapman. I am a 28 years old and trying to make the world a better place. I have surfed professionally for the passed 14 years and now also host a podcast and run a mental health organisation.
Do you have a store / website / social pages that people can get to know you more?
Instagram handle - @cooperchapman
What is it that makes you content? Do you consciously try to be content or is it something that just happens naturally?
Knowing I tried my best makes me content. I truly believe if you give your 100% and fail you should still be content, so my focus is on giving everything I try my all.
What books / podcasts / playlists do you recommend at the moment and why?
My favourite book is called lost connections by johann hari and also Let Go by Hugh van Cuylenburg. And podcast recommendations would be good humans haha. I’m so lucky to speak to incredible guests every week who share their story and inspire me so much. I think we can learn from everyone if we have an open mind and curiosity.
Can you share any tools in your tool belt that you use at the moment that bring you back to your centre?
For me trying to meditate for at least 10 minutes a day is crucial. Also writing down 3 things that went well in my day every night is so important for me, gratitude is everything!
What are you excited about at the moment? Anything up and coming you want to share?
I’m real excited about growth right now. It’s cool watching my business begin to get some momentum and be running workshops with students and corporates weekly. I’m also excited about hopefully getting some time snowboarding this winter! 
Have you used LUX Products? If yes, which ones and what do you have to say about them?
I love the room sprays. Love waking up and spraying it in my room to start the day and also to wind down at night. 
I also love the rose spray to rehydrate my skin after spending time in the sun surfing :)