Q & A with Laura Jeffares from Gypsy Yoga

Q & A with Laura Jeffares from Gypsy Yoga - LUXWORKS
Intro from LUX:
I (Keri) started to go to Lauras classes about 5 months ago.  She messaged me out of nowhere and said I should come to Yoga on the Tuesday, I was in a phase of 'Just say YES Keri' and so that's what I did.  The funny thing was she then messaged back saying 'aw i forgot to say it is a 11 week programme.'
Hahaha - Laura got me at the most perfect time as I said YES - as that was my buzz at that moment.  
That 11 weeks then transformed me into her 'Thursday 6am club' classes and Thursday night Chakra Course Yoga classes.  Because I write a-lot with LUX the Thursday night classes are very powerful for me as you write at the end after yoga with a cup of herbal tea and I get so many amazing writing ideas from these nights. 
For me I feel that when you do yoga once a week you feel inklings of change, twice a week you start to transform and 3+ classes you change before your own eyes, internally and externally.   They say if you're too busy to meditate or do yoga for 10 mins a day you should be doing 30mins, this has never rung true to me so much than now.  If you have a packed calendar, it may sound weird but Yoga actually gives me time back and banks it, because i'm more focussed, and my parasympathic nervous system is actually deeply resting, which in 'busy' people is the GOLD.
It's that power of habit and very much translates to why the Sprays and Skincare in LUX were created in sets in trays as they are instigators of ritual and rituals change your life - they become who you are.
I have alot of gratitude to saying YES that one night and to Laura for her amazing classes, it has literally changed my life. 
I highly recommend her for any beginner or advanced human looking for a yoga class.   Enjoy the read...
Introduce yourself... what is it that occupies your time at the moment - work/pleasure?
Laura Jeffares, Part time Yoga teacher/ Full time lover of life.
I live in sunny Hawkes Bay with my epic wee family including two rescue dogs. I love spending time immersing myself in nature, when at the sea or mountain I find myself the most content and at peace. 
Most of my time is occupied in supporting my family and discovering opportunities for us to do epic things. 
My work/pleasure is teaching yoga at my local Surf Club. I enjoy walking my dogs, bike rides and skiing.
Do you have a store / website / social pages that people can get to know you more?
What is it that makes you content? Do you consciously try to be content or is it something that just happens naturally?
It feels natural to me but i guess I have, from a young age, believed in the power of practicing gratitude. I've always counted my blessings. This feeling gratitude and enthusiasm for life alongside the pink rose tinted glasses I'm often seen wearing created a standard of contentment and peace. I believe that gratitude is the window to contentment, if we can be content with times of sadness and content with times of happiness it can create an overall acceptance for the ebbs and flows that is life. Practicing Yoga and its eight limbs supports me to wake everyday and choose a blessed and content life.
What books / podcasts / playlists do you recommend at the moment and why?
*Book: Inner Engineering, A Yogi's Guide to Joy.  This 271 page book or 9 hour Audible is worth its weight in gold. It brought me much perspective and a little giggle at times. 
*Podcast: Dr Joe Dispenza - Transform your Mind. Joe Dispenza is a neuroscientist, researcher and NY times best seller. Literally this podcast and his guided meditations have transformed my mind.
*Playlists: Discover Weekly by Spotify rocks my world! Ive been using Discover Weekly for about a year now and we're in our sweet spot. Each Monday a new list of sweet tunes curated especially for you based on what you have listened to or liked the previous week. To say Mondays are epic is an understatement!
Can you share any tools in your tool belt that you use at the moment that bring you back to your centre?
*Always breath. Breathing is such a valuable tool that quite literally keeps us alive. With control and practice I know I can calm my body and mind at any given moment. My current favourite breathing technique is Box Breath. Equal inhale, hold, exhale, hold. 
*Essential oils, I use a drop of each peppermint and wild orange in each palm paired with some deep breaths as an instant mood enhancer. 
*My new favourite product LUX, I use the sprays in every yoga class and keep a bottle in my car cup holder.
*Therapy. A good chat , learning new skills and bringing an understanding of the importance of always coming back to self. The best tool. 
*Meditation - this goes without saying.
What are you excited about at the moment? Anything up and coming you want to share?
*So excited to be learning, evolving and sharing my journey surrounded in love.
*Super excited to be planning an off shore Yoga retreat .
*I've got a few crystal bowl /guided meditation / Yoga full moon events booked in. 
*Also just got the opportunity to manage a live music event. 
The future always looks bright and full of excitement for me.
Have you used LUX Products? If yes, which ones and what do you have to say about them?
I'm a fan girl of LUX for sure! Ive recently started using the full skin range. my face is so smooth and soft! It's hard to choose a favourite!
In the sprays it's definitely : Set The Space.
In the skin range id have to say 1:11 Cleanse. Just try it, it's divine. 
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