Eco Packaging

Eco Packaging - LUXWORKS, pop starch, compostable packaging, new zealand

Where possible LUXWORKS look an the most environmentally friendly packaging.

The ECO Packaging world is not that different from the Green Washing of Labels that happens. 
When researching on which packing that we would use, its like going down a wormhole.  What you think you're doing is awesome isn't so awesome some of the time.  Like compostable packaging, have you ever read into it?  Is it compostable in your home compost or does it need to go to commercial hot composter? 
Here's an interesting article if you want to know more.
So for us we do the best we can with what we have available. 
We use Kraft boxes to ship as they haven't been bleached.
Our branded tissue paper is home compostable.
The fill used to pack products is Pop Starch which is AMAZING, it literally melts in water.. read here about Pop Starch.
Our bottles are made out of Glass and we recommend you reuse them by making yourself new products to put in them, our ingredients is so clean you can basically eat it so just put bottles in the dishwasher and you're ready to go.  
Heres a link of different ways you can use glass bottles or simply recycle.