Clay and its Drawing Powers for the Skin

New Zealand Clay and the drawing powers it has for the skin.  Great for spot treatment and detoxing the skin.

By: Miranda Moore 

Today, we're going to talk about another skincare product with which I am familiar. The product in question is face masks, but not just any face masks. I'm talking about face masks that use the power of clay to draw out impurities.  

I have used some of these masks before; let me tell you, they pack a punch. I can only imagine how awesome LUXWORKS mask is since the company uses premium ingredients. I never really thought about how these masks can quickly draw out those unwanted bacteria. In this blog, I plan to answer that question and see just how well LUXWORKS mask will stack up by the information from their website. 

How does clay benefit face masks? 

To answer this question, we should probably start at the source. What exactly is clay? Clay can form from the decomposition of stones and sediments. The stones and sediments that come together to form clay enable it to be rich in minerals. These minerals are what give clay its incredible drawing power. 

Clay has a long history of being used for medical and cosmetic purposes. There are many different types of clay, each with its benefits. Let's go over the bigger ones often used in the cosmetic industry. 

The Different Types of Clays 

  • Bentonite: Bentonite clay comes from volcanic ash altered by water. This clay can draw out toxins, has antimicrobial properties, and anti-inflammatory benefits. Bentonite is also highly absorbent. 
  • Kaolin: Kaolin clay is very high in alumina and has mild absorbent properties. Its colours can vary from white to pink or green depending on the minerals and other components that formed it. Other types of kaolin clays include Brazilian clay and rose clay. Since kaolin clay has a gentle absorbent rate and can exfoliate the skin, it can also tone and improve the skin's clarity.   
  • Rhassoul: Rhassoul is rich in magnesium and is considered one of the gentler clays. This clay excels at moisturising, regulating oil, and enhancing elasticity and clarity. 
  • Green Clay: Green clay has anti-aging abilities, stimulates circulation, and has the best absorbency. 
  • Fullers Earth Clay: The clay with the longest name may be the best for acne-prone skin. Fullers earth clay is chock full of minerals that include aluminum and magnesium. This clay is super absorbent and can draw out oils and impurities.  

How Does LUXWORKS Masque 5:55 Stack Up? 

Now that we know a little bit more about clay and its powers and benefits let's take a closer look at LUXWORKS Masque 5:55. The highlights of the ingredients list include: 

  • Aloe Vera: Contains antioxidants, enzymes, and vitamins A and C 
  • Acai Oil: Helps with unclogging pores and aiding in skin cell regeneration 
  • Kaolin Clay: Draws out impurities and toxins while preventing pores from clogging. 

The 5:55 Masque sounds super powerful, just from the three main ingredients. The other ingredients are all-natural, and you can see them for yourself.

Our other clay friend, bentonite, even makes an appearance. The 5:55 Masque currently has a whopping 5.0-star rating. 

LUXWORKS is a company that prides itself on using natural and home-sourced ingredients. The glacial clay is cultivated right in New Zealand. Experience the difference of a luxury product with their 5:55 Face Masque.  



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