Q & A with Alexis Simmonds from Webfox & Pixisites

Q & A with Alexis Simmonds from Webfox & Pixisites

Intro from LUX:

Meeting Alexis for the first time was one of those moments I knew I was going to have more to do with her.  She had brought some sprays off the LUX website and I didn't know who she was and then one day I attended a Business Lunch with a group of awesome women and I sat down beside her and she introduced herself and I remembered her name from orders and I said 'Aw hey! I'm Keri from LUX'...

I then learnt of her businesses she owns and this is my jam, I loooooove websites and design so much that I was blown away of her achievements not only as business women but also of how she is also a parent striving to be the best mum she can be.

Webfox which she owns and operates from Hawkes Bay delivers service all throughout NZ and beyond delivering innovative digital solutions for Kiwi businesses since 2009. They've got rock-solid and reliable processes in place and a highly experienced and long-standing team of seniors with the talent to deliver truly world-class software solutions.

If you need a template for a website she has just launched some through her passion project business of PIXISITES so go check out her links below.

Introduce yourself...

Hi! I’m Alexis, living in sunny Napier with my beautiful family. I’m co-owner of Webfox, where we design, develop and support bespoke software and progressive web applications. And owner of Pixi Site where I create websites & sell website templates and tutorials.

What is it that occupies your time at the moment - work/pleasure?I’ve realised that my time commitment moves in waves depending on my energy or excitement for a project. One week I may be up at 6.30 working until the kids get home from school then back at my computer until late. And another week, I may be working 9 - 3 and even have days a bit more creative and fun.. which is still work ;).Either way, I always try to stop and be with my kids while they’re getting ready in the mornings and when they get home from school. Weekends are always about spending time with my hubby, kids, and pets, and I’ll only jump on if I’m super excited about a project and want to get more done! Do you have a store / website / social pages that people can get to know you more? www.pixisite.com is more my own baby, then www.webfox.co.nzInstagram is where I hang out the most @pixisite What is it that makes you content? Do you consciously try to be content or is it something that just happens naturally? I think moments at home when everyone is there happily, the house is warm, and the pets are around us. I always just have this moment of appreciation and know it’s a great time to be in.Other than that, each morning now, I start the day with a spray of LUX WORKS Embrace and write down what I’m grateful for, what I’m letting go of, and what I want to focus on. This really helps me see what’s deep down (I surprise myself sometimes!) and start the day on a positive note. What books / podcasts / playlists do you recommend at the moment and why? Hmmmm, I used to do SOOOO much reading of self-help books and listening to podcasts about improving my life and honestly, I decided I just want to chill and enjoy! Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed them at the time, but I guess it started to feel like a chore or a chase.By just reading fiction books and listening to whatever music is trending (My daughter got me into Billie Eilish, actually so good!) I find I’m appreciating time out. It’s a good mental break and feeds my soul more. At the end of the day, that’s one of the things we’re frantically trying to achieve right.If I need to pick something then the book Atomic Habits is great, and there’s a great interview with the author as a podcast which is awesome! Can you share any tools in your tool belt that you use at the moment that bring you back to your centre? I’ve started going to yoga again which helps me soooooo much! 4 years ago I did yoga every day for a year (There’s a blog out there somewhere with dust all over it). Since then, I’ve had loads of surgeries and live with daily pain, so I’ve had to be really conscious to get myself back to feeling good and more centred.I guess my tools are - Easing back into yoga, trying to get out and move more, taking a moment to breathe during the day if I’m starting to feel stressed, keeping my home tidy, and starting the day with my spray and gratitude writing. What are you excited about at the moment? Anything up and coming you want to share?

Ohhhh, I just released my second website template and course which is exciting for me! I just love that the people who buy it get so excited about being able to grow their business and learn the skills to customise, launch, and market. I get excited about what it means for them and their business. Have you used LUX Products? If yes, which ones and what do you have to say about them?YES!!! I LOVE THEM! I’m obsessed!Each morning I start with Embrace while I write and breathe.During the day I use ‘Set the space’ after I tidy up the house and before any guests come overAnd every evening I spray ‘Relax’ over my pillow, the kid's pillows, and over me.

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