Want to become a LUX Reviewer - free products..

Want to become a LUX Reviewer - free products..

We loooove hearing true feedback and we are reaching out to all sexes and ages - (children too with the YOUTH Range that we have) and demographics for us to hear true reviews of our LUXWORKS Beauty Range.  We supply you free products for a month!

Currently we have 20 openings and the conditions are as stated below:

- We give you free products after filling in our questionnaire to what we think will suit your situation.

- You have to use everyday for a month straight (unless an allergic reaction happens.)

- At the end of the month we have a video interview with you for your true feedback and we are able to use that on any marketing channels we choose. 

If this sounds like something you'd be interested in please send us an email at admin@luxworks.co.nz and we will send you a questionnaire that you fill out to see if it fits you and us and then we will let you know if you've become a LUX Reviewer!

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