Brands To Watch - Launching a Business 'In These Times'

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I hear so often from people about how hard it is to be operating 'in these times'.  

We launched LUX in the heat of Covid, yes I said the C word. 

And no it hasn't been clean sailing but what business is?  What keeps us so presently passionate in LUX is the WHY and passion behind the brand. 

We want to change normal routines into meaningful rituals through clean and conscious skincare sets and quartz infused room and aura sprays.

We have started a new routine at work for lunch cause that's our thing - turning normal routines into meaningful rituals, where we make proper healthy lunches at work.  

During one of our lunches that we actually sit away from our desks and presently eat, we were chatting about being in business, and the conversation led to how when you are doing a business that you love and have purpose behind it, it gets you through those times that are hard, the moments that if you didn't have a purpose you would have the urge to just 'chuck it in'. 

Whenever someone says to me how hard it is to be operating 'in these times' I reframe in my brain to our WHY and our logo which represents Infinite Possibilities - anything is possible.  One of my labours I had giving birth I had this exact quote running through my brain 'if the african lady in the desert can do this under a tree with noone else around, i can do this in a hospital with support.'  I literally lived by that the whole labour.  

So much of what I am talking about is your mind, where is your mind at?  This is why we created the sprays, The Daily Range is instigators of ritual, reminding you to EMBRACE the morning, RESET during the day, and RELAX in the evening.  So simple but three powerful reminders during the day is all you need to transform... just a thought.

As pictured - LUX is here - the Brand to Watch - as featured in the BeautyNZ Magazine. 

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