The most versatile plant on the plant HEMP

The most versatile plant on the plant HEMP - LUXWORKS

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The history of Hemp is so interesting to read about, in a massively cut down version.. with the introduction of synthetic fibres, Hemp was banned around the world. Now we are getting back there to use Hemp as one of the most valued plant of all time, hence its name 'The Wonder Plant'.Hemp was probably the earliest plant cultivated for textile fibre.

  • The Declaration of Independence was written on hemp paper.
  • Hemp, has historically had over 25,000 diverse uses.
  • Historically uses range from paints, printing inks, varnishes, paper,
  • Government documents, bank notes, food, textiles (the original ‘Levi’s’ jeans were made from Hemp cloth), canvas, building materials, with modern technical developments, uses have increased to composite boards, motor vehicle brake and clutch pads, plastics, fuels, bio-diesel and Eco-solid fuel.
  • In the 1900s hemp-seed oil was a common ingredient in imported patent medicines, being prescribed for ailments such as gastric illnesses, rheumatism, headaches, and menstrual cramps.
  • From 2001 the NZ government allowed trial plantings of industrial hemp, and in 2006 the cultivation of industrial hemp was permitted under licence. Only specified low-narcotic types of the plant were allowed. Industrial hemp varieties have such low concentrations of THC (the active ingredient in cannabis) that they are of no use as a recreational drug. In the United Kingdom and Canada, trials of industrial hemp have led to the establishment of successful hemp industries.


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